Warcraft Review:

I have never played the game and have no idea what the gist was about, I went in with an open mind.  I walked away with the knowledge of Orcs vs. Human vs. Wizards in a battle for what looks like the Orcs wanted to take over the earth because their world was destroyed/dead by black magic. Or at least that is what I got out of it.  Warcraft turned out to be a hodgepodge of stories all rolled up into one.  Watching it reminded me of similarities of the Moses in a basket, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Transformers, Harry Potter and a Hippogriff, and even Capt. James T. Kirk and his lust for all things women no matter what color, race or species. LOL

Warcraft is very pleasing to the eyes. The graphics, CGI/effects were on point, full of action, and betrayal and the reluctant rise of an ostracized half-breed. Clearly, this movie was made for the gaming fans that have background knowledge of what is going on. Oh, and yes, there will be a sequel so we can all find out what will happen to Azeroth.

This is on the BOGO list.  Grade C


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