Meltdown (Middleburg Film Fest)

Unless you have been living under a rock, or you think that global warming is a made up concept so scientist can get more funds, you really need to pay attention. Global warming a real thing and it affects us all!
In the late 1980’s, renowned photographer Lynn Davis travelled to Disko Bay, Greenland to mourn the passing of two of her dear friends and ended up falling in love with the shapes, frames and different aspects of the icebergs. This new love spanned into a 30-year career of photographing the icebergs and having them exhibited in art galleries around the world. To her surprise, she was not just taking pictures of the different shapes of the icebergs, but she documenting the evidence of global warming. Together with social scientist Tony Leiserowitz, they explored the ever-changing landscape of Greenland’s icebergs and wrestling with the possibility that these giant icebergs are disappearing right before their eyes

Meltdown was informative about the effects of global warming and how it is affecting Greenland’s culture scary at the same time.  To see photos of icebergs she had taken over the years, compared to what they currently look like now is scary. To think of how much the waters have warmed up and melting giant icebergs, which in turn affects Greenland’s climate and ultimately the entire planet, really puts things in perspective. 



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