It mainly followed the book but only just. Christian and Ana looked like they were better suited to be in Twilight than 50 Shades. It hit the bare bones of the book but there is no substance. Nothing that would make you squirm and bite your lip. The dialogue was cheesy at best. Ana was not so whiney and Christian had more substance. There definitely was a lull in some parts where you are like ok speed it up. Out of the four sex scenes shown, only two were true and they both looked like they were just going through the motions just to get it over with. The best parts of the book are left out and ending is jacked up. Of course, the Audi S8 Spyder and the Audi S8 v10 were the best parts to me. If you read the books keep that image in your head because this movie does them NO JUSTICE!  BTW, clean and shaven is left to be desired. At 2hrs n change, go see on a 2fer. 
Grade C


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