Kingsman: The Secret Service Review:

The Kingsman are an independent secret agency somewhat like the CIA/MI5, but have been around for much much longer. Kingsman falls somewhere in between James Bond and If Looks Could Kill. Eggsy (Taron Eerton), whose deceased father was a member of the Kingsman, is recruited to join the agency after a Kingsman is killed by one of Richmond Valintine's (Samuel L. Jackson) henchmen. Valentine is hell bent on cleansing the world to save it from global warming.  Eggsy is not your high bread, silver spoon Oxford educated boy. Instead, his knowledge is learned on the mean streets of one of London’s housing “estates” or project; his mom, once a well-established woman, who took a downturn and is now an abused by his stepdad; and through said stepdad who just happens to be the boss of the neighborhood gang. Eggsy is on a one-way street to jail until Harry Hart (Colin Firth) steps in and offers him an opportunity to join the agency. Needless to say, Eggsy quickly shows he has the chops to make it as a Kingsman. Jackson's portrayal of Valentine is funny as hell! He is a villain who can’t stand the sight of blood and has a lisp was just hilarious. He resembles a famous person who … you’re just going to have to go see it. When you do, you will fall out your chair!
Mark Hamill has a small roll in this movie and well, let’s just say he does NOT need to be in front of the camera EVER AGAIN! Just keep doing the Joker. Time was not his friend!!!!!!! The story and plot were easy to follow. Good action and special effects. I have to say it was better than I expected it to be. 
Grade B


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